The Mid Mo Smoke Show 8/18/18 The Cameo Episode

From our old friends from Smoker Builder, to our new friends in the KCBS, to our long distance sauce supplier, this episode of The Mid Mo Smoke Show is packed with guest features. Whether you're new or a long time Smoke Show fan, this is one episode you definitely don't want to miss.

Recipe: Yummy Tummy Eggs

You will need:

1 lb sausage

1 lb bacon

Jar of tame jalapenos

Yummy Tummy BBQ

Pepper Jack Cheese shredded

Your favorite rub


Divide sausage into 4 pieces quartered up

Smash down into a circle

5-8 jalapeno slices and plenty of cheese

Form into egg shape

Wrap into bacon

Add Rub

Smoker around 275-280 for 75-90 minutes

Add several thin layers of yummy tummy during the last 30 minutes

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