The Mid Mo Smoke Show 7-7-18 Independence Day

America has just celebrated its 242nd Independence Day, and that means fireworks, festivities, and food. On this week's episode of the Mid Mo Smoke Show we discuss July 4th, from its history and traditions, to the modern celebration. We'll tell you some good ways to celebrate, and some ways of recovering from the celebration.

Recipe: Pulled Pork Pancakes with Jack Daniel’s Syrup

You will need:

Pancake Mix

½ lb pulled pork

1 egg

1 pint maple syrup

¼ cup Jack Daniels

Your favorite BBQ sauce

Make up pancake batter and set aside

Pour maple syrup and Jack Daniel’s in a saucepan and bring to a simmer for 10 minutes

After 10 minutes remove from heat and allow to cool

Add a small amount of BBQ sauce to the pulled pork and mix

Make 3 pancakes

Fry egg over easy

Put down first pancake and place half of the pulled pork on it

Add second pancake to stack and put other half of the pulled pork

Top with over easy egg

Add third pancake

Drizzle with Jack Daniel’s Syrup

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