The Mid Mo Smoke Show 4-14-18 Traegers

Last week, we started talking about the pros and cons of pellet smokers. We discussed 2 brands, Traeger and Pit Boss. This week we have Nathan from Win Supply in Rolla to discuss Traeger Grills.

Recipe: Chocolate Cake with Bacon

You will need:

Bundt Pan

1 Chocolate cake mix

1 Chocolate icing

⅛ cup Milk

8 pcs of Bacon

Mix the cake mix by directions

Spray bundt pan with non stick spray

Put mix in the pan and place in 350 degree grill

While the cake is baking fry the bacon until crisp

In a separate pan, heat the icing to a near liquid state and add the milk

When cake comes out of the grill turn onto plate to cool

When cooled pour icing over cake

Crumble up the bacon and sprinkle on the cake

Cut and serve

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