The Elk Capital of Missouri

Join Bill Cooper and Jerry Cook, hosts of Wild at Heart on Wild at Heart at 4PM Wednesday for outdoor information about the Ozarks and a few points beyond. The guest list includes Jim Anderson, the mayor of the Elk Capitol of Missouri, Eminence. Jim will give an update on the upcoming floating camping and fishing seasons.

Wes Swee, hatchery manager at Maramec Spring Park, will tell us what is going on at Maramec Spring with the trout fishing program.

Tim Reed, from Hillsboro, will talk trapping in Tennessee. Kris Nelson, a fishing guide on Stockton Lake will report on fishing at the lake.

And Ray Eye will entertain us as well. And Brent Frazee, former outdoor editor of the Kansas City Star, will talk Recruitment, Retention and Re-Training of outdoorsmen.

Wild at Heart - It’s going to be another fantastic show, full of outdoor entertainment and information. Wednesdays on ESPN 107.3 FM.

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