The Mid Mo Smoke Show 3-17-18 Happy St. Patrick's Day

From whiskey to salmon to cheeses, we cover traditional Irish cuisine and some of the proud BBQ traditions of Ireland. Then we'll check out some fantastic finishing sauces from Yummy Tummy Sauces, and count down the top 10 BBQ sauces.

Recipe:Jalapeno Poppers

  • 12 large jalapenos

  • ½ package cream cheese

  • 1 small triangle piece blue cheese

  • 3 pieces of imitation crab shredded

  • 12 pieces bacon

  • Wash and cut off large end of peppers

  • Clean out jalapenos. Best to use small end of a melon baller

  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl

  • Stuff in peppers

  • Wrap bacon around peppers and hold with a toothpick

  • Put on a 275 degree grill

  • Cook about 30 minutes or until bacon starts to crisp

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