The Mid Mo Smoke Show 1-27-18 Super Bowl Food

The Super Bowl is coming up, so what are you going to do for food at your party? Tune in to this weeks episode of the Mid Mo Smoke Show to hear our thoughts, as well as some modifications to last week's recipe of the week.

Recipe: Whole Slab of ribs sub sandwich:

  • slab of ST Louis cut spare ribs

  • favorite rub (Pork Mafia memphis Mud)

  • little bit of mustard

  • little bit of apple juice

  • Favorite Sauce (Yummy Tummy Original)

  • pound of mozzarella cheese (Block)

  • ripe red tomato, vidalia onion, GOOD dill pickles

  • loaf of French Bread. wide kind

peel membrane off of back of ribs and trim up a little. rub both sides with a little mustard, then rub with favorite rub. let sit on counter and sweat for a little while. get the smoker goin. run the smoker at 250*F - 275*F. put ribs on smoker bone side up and smoke for 2 hours flipping at the 1 hour mark. after 2 hours is up, pull ribs off smoker and wrap in double layer of foil like a boat. place bone side up. be careful not to poke holes in the foil. pour a little bit of apple juice in the foil and close. return ribs to smoker and continue to cook for another 2 hours. pull ribs off smoker and open foil keeping the juice. by this time the rib bones should almost pull out or fall out. be careful not to let the ribs fall apart. if rib bones do not pull out easily then close foil and return to smoker for 30 minutes. when rib bones pull out easily remove all the bones and place slab of ribs on a cooling rack or tray (slightly turn them or twist the bones to make them break away then pull out of meat leaving the meat intact). sauce the ribs on both sides and return to smoker to set the sauce. slice bread in half long ways and butter the outside and inside. toast bread in oven slightly. slice up tomato and onion and shred the cheese. now build a killer sub sandwich. place entire sandwich in smoker open face style to melt the cheese. put top on sandwich, slice it up and serve!

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