The Mid Mo Smoke Show 1-6-18 Food Trucks

Food trucks are great. Who needs a drive through when the food drives to you? This weeks we want to find out the best approach for a great barbecue food truck. Plus a great recipe of the week for our Smoke Show Food Truck.


Pulled Pork Nachos

  • 10 pound pork butt (you gotta smoke it)

  • tortilla chips

  • pit beans (made in the smoker)

  • 1- Jar tame jalapenos

  • queso cheese sauce (canned or home made if you can)

  • smoked bacon crumbles (you gotta make them)

  • favorite BBQ Sauce

  • sour cream

  • Optional Guacamole if yer into that.

you gotta mix it all up. plate it up, and eat it up.