The Mid Mo Smoke Show 9-30-17 No Frank

It's just Pigdaddy and The Czar in the studio this week, but that's more than enough. Hear about ribs and chicken, get caught up on twitter polls, and learn how you can help your local school next week.

Recipe: Hot n’ Fast Ribs

Ingredients: Favorite Rub Favorite Sauce Wrap Mixture - 1/8 cup of light brown sugar - 8 pats of butter - Rub - Peach nectar juice - Honey Spare / baby back, spare area fattier, baby back are leaner. 1. Rub with your favorite rub.

2. Fire smoker up to 335ish.

3. Once to temp lay ribs down on the rack meat side up for 30 minutes, after spritz with white grape juice and flip. In 30 more minutes flip and spritz the ribs one more time. At 1 hour, check for the color of the ribs, if the color is not a deep red color close the lid and let it go for another 15 minutes. Once you get that deep red color (typically after 1 hour 15 minutes) remove ribs and wrap.

4. For the wrap, lay down a 1/8 cup of sugar, some rub, 4 pats of butter. Lay the ribs meat side down in the mixture. On top of the meat 4 strips of honey, rub, 4 pats of butter. Close the wrap leaving one end open so you can pour in ½ of the peach nectar.

5. Place back on the smoker still at 335ish for another 45 minutes. After 45 minutes open foil and check ribs for doneness. Rule of thumb if you pick the rack up and it looks like it will snap in half it is done. Also after the 3rd largest bone pops out the ribs are done. Once ribs are done rest for at least 30 minutes.

6. Once rested slice ribs and glaze. Put ribs back in the smoker for 5 minutes to set the glaze. Remove from heat and serve.

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