The Mid Mo Smoke Show 7-22-17 Tools and Safety

You're going to need some tools to build your smoker. Frank and the Czar will tell you about the absolute necessities, and how to be safe when you use them. Hear the results of our most answered Twitter pole to date, we learn about memes in ask the Czar, and don't miss the recipe of the week.

Recipe: Breakfast Fatty


  • 1 pound bacon

  • 1 pound breakfast sausage

  • ½ pound cooked bacon

  • 2 eggs- scrambled

  • 2 sliced jalapenos

  • 1 can of rotelle drained

  • colby jack cheese

make a weave from the bacon that is square in shape, using a 1 gallon zip lock bag- place sausage in it and use a rolling pin to roll it out flat. cut the bag on both sides and the open end leaving the bottom connected. open bag and center sausage on top of bacon. lay a strip of the cooked eggs, bacon, jalapenos, rotelle, and cheese. roll into a log and tuck bacon into itself to seal it up. sprinkle with your favorite rub. cook on smoker at 250 to 300 degreese until center of sausage is 165*F or until bacon is cooked. sauce and slice.

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