The Mid Mo Smoke Show 6-24-17 Supplies and Materials

Where to find steel suppliers, how to use the pit calculator, and more. We'll walk you through gathering everything you need to get started on your pit build. Find out what the czar thinks goes best with BBQ, hear the results of last weeks twitter polls, and stick around for a classic recipe of the week



  • 12 or more Jalapeno’s

  • 2-cups favorite cheese, I prefer goat cheese or cream cheese

  • favorite rub

  • pound of bacon

first, cut jalapeno’s in half long ways and core, next mix cheese and season to taste with your favorite rub, then fill jalapenos with the cheese mixture. wrap them in the bacon. I usually use half a slice per ABT. sprinkle with your favorite rub. then smoke at 250 to 300 for 1- 1.5 hours or until the jalapeno’s are tender and bacon is fully cooked.

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