The Mid Mo Smoke Show 6-17-17 Pit Anatomy

We continue where we left off last week with our discussion of smoker anatomy. Learn about different parts, where to find plans, and an introduction to the pit calculator. Also hear about current events, bbq etiquette, and a super secret recipe of the week.

Get your smoker to 335°

Trim up your brisket getting the majority of the fat off the point leaving fat on the flat

Season the brisket with your favorite savory rub try to stay away from rubs that have sugars in them as it does not complement beef

Place the brisket on the smoker fat side down for 45 minutes after 45 minutes flip the brisket so fat side is now up and after 30 minutes flip it one more time that will take you to the two hour mark. After two hours wrap a brisket meat side up in aluminum foil with one cup of beef broth and back on the smoker for a another two hours periodically rotating the brisket but never flipping after two more hours the final internal temperature of the meet will be 212° let it rest for at least one hour and then slice and serve

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