MidMo Smoke Show - Ep 5 4/29/17

Frank and the Czar are back after their hiatus for the Smokerbuilder gathering in Louisiana. Hear them recap the highlights of their weekend including food, friends, and the debut of the Hawg Cawffin. Mike Pigdaddy Spearman calls in to discuss the Rockin Ribs Festival. And don't forget this weeks recipe of the week, Gizmo Tarts.

Here's the Gizmo Tarts recipe for ya!

Recipe of the week brought to you by Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet!

12 Small disposable aluminum pot pie tins

12 6" tortillas

12 Large eggs beaten

2 Pounds cooked sausage

2 Cups Pico

Favorite kind of cheese slices

Push tortilla down into pot pie tin. Pour about 1/4 cup of precooked sausage crumbles onto tortilla. Add 2 TBS Pico and your favorite rub or seasonings or diced scallions. Pour 1/3 cup beaten eggs.

Smoke about 25 minutes at about 275. Remove and cover each with a couple slices of your favorite cheese. Put back into the smoker for another 15 minutes or so to melt/brown the cheese.


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